Sahlman Seafoods, Inc.
A family owned Florida company located in Tampa. We are a fully-integrated production company that farms, processes and markets raw shrimp that includes farm-raised shrimp under the brand “Bee Gee” from Nicaragua.

The company owns and operates a shrimp farm and processing plant in the northwestern part of Nicaragua. The primary farm contains 94 ponds totaling 860 hectares, with room for expansion to 1,100 hectares of production ponds. The processing plant has a capacity of processing 120,000 pounds of shrimp per day.

Sahlman Seafoods, Inc. has its own sales and marketing arm that is responsible for selling its products. Since the late 1950’s, the company has sold its product under the name Bee Gee. For a long period of time, the brand has commanded a substantial price premium over competitive products because of its quality. That emphasis on quality has always characterized Sahlman Seafoods and Bee Gee shrimp, and in the years that the Bee Gee label has been on the market, it has become equated with quality of the highest order.